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In preparation for the release of Twilight Princess HD, Japan’s Zelda Twitter has decked itself out in a very creative fashion: Malo, the rather stout and rude character from the title, has taken over the account. Nintendo’s video game designer, director and producer Eiji Aonuma explains through a series of tweets that he’ll be temporarily stepping aside from the account while Malo takes over and provides the community with news and images about Twilight Princess HD as the release date draws nearer.


For now, it looks like Malo is only inhabiting the Japanese Twitter, although it’s possible we could see him turn up on other Nintendo accounts in the near future– or at least, we can only hope so! In the meantime, here are the (rather rough) English translations of the tweets from Aonuma:

“Hello, this is Aonuma. This year it will come back to become the world of Twilight in HD for the first time in 10 years. We would like to continue for some time to introduce the information of Twilight Princess from today.”

“Twilight Princess are two of the world of the story as “light,” “shadow.” Game of the scale is increased, the original development early and had drawn a lot of setting image. Because it is going to go to the public while exchanging also image at the time of stories and treasured time to time, please look forward to!”

“about the future of introduction, I’m going to ask Malo to take over for me. Malo, Best regards!”

“… but Malo. This it becomes it, but you are the owner of the price of the brave “Maromato.”… And we’ll do forgive you for a fool to think it’s children…”

It’s nice to see Nintendo change it up a little on Twitter by interacting with the community in this cute, and somewhat comical, way. It definitely raises that hype bar for the game’s release!

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Written by Lauren Ganos
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