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With all the new Pokkén Tournament information being released over the past couple days, it would only make sense that the official website for the game has been launched yesterday.

The website is immediately immersive, greeting you with a video of a dynamic battle between Pikachu and Machamp, which quickly switches over to a battle between Blaziken and Lucario. Once you allow the video to play through, you’re given the option to navigate through the website, with tabs for each page at the top. Currently, not much is available to us, but as we get closer to the release date, we’re sure more information will be released and available on the website. As of right now, there are only two tabs that are clickable, labeled “Home” and “Pokémon.” Five other pages are unavailable to us, and these are labeled “Game Modes,” “How to Play,” “amiibo Card,” “My Town” and “News.”


Game Modes is self-explanatory, with three of them already being revealed to us last night through Serebii. What we know so far is that there’s a standard Single Battle, a local multiplayer, and an online multiplayer. However, with the option to select this page still grayed out for us, could this mean there’ll be even more ways to play?

How to Play is undoubtedly tutorials and instructions on how the game works, from combo moves to Support Pokémon to Mega Evolution. Most likely, we’ll see tutorial videos here as well.

Amiibo Card is an interesting page, and this is because of the singular use of the word “card.” Many speculate that because Pokémon is such an expansive franchise with over 700 creatures, we’ll see amiibo cards of most– if not all– of them when the Animal Crossing series concludes. However, Pokkén is not your typical Pokémon game, and while the Shadow Mewtwo amiibo card is confirmed as an early release item, no word on other amiibo functionality has been announced. My guess from a personal standpoint is that we’ll see a full line of Pokkén amiibo figures, most likely released in waves. After all, when Pokkén releases, the Super Smash Bros. series of amiibo will be complete and Nintendo will need a new massive draw towards the figurines. Perhaps the company created the card of Shadow Mewtwo to help keep a real figure from feeling redundant with a standard Mewtwo figure on the way? Or maybe a card is an easier early-release item, which can be included right in the game box? The card would also be a great way to keep both speculation about full figures down, as well as keeping them a secret. Despite all this speculation, what we can gather from the “amiibo Card” page title is that we’ll see details of the Shadow Mewtwo card, previously said to be used to unlock the fighter at the beginning of the game.


My Town is another interesting feature, as this is something we know absolutely nothing about. This page and presumably game mode is a complete mystery to fans, though from the sound of it, it’ll most likely be a single player mode, and exclusive to the Wii U version of the game.

And of course, lastly, News will be a good way to keep up-to-date with the latest of what’s going on in the game, both pre- and post-release.

Speculation isn’t all the site has to offer! Through the “Pokémon” tab, you’re brought to a characters page that gives you a full and comprehensive list of all the playable fighters that have been announced up until this point. For starters, all the previously announced Support Pokémon that hadn’t been paired up with another yet officially are part of a twosome now, with the listings being Emolga + Fennekin, Snivy + Lapras, Frogadier + Eevee, Mismagius + Ninetales, Jirachi + Whimsicott, Croagunk + Sylveon, Farfetch’d + Electrode, and Pachirisu + Magikarp. All 16 announced fighters so far are featured on the website, and each fighter has four screenshots associated with them. Additionally, there’s a section where each fighter has room for a video, which are said to be coming soon.

While we’re sure there’ll be more fighters announced between now and the release, here’s a full list of every fighter so far.

Pikachu Libre – “Pikachu Libre, a wrestling idol, is a small masked fighter overflowing with fighting spirit.”

PikachuLibre_150Pikachu Libre is a separate character from standard Pikachu, and looks to be like a more physical-based version of Pokémon’s mascot. Pikachu Libre’s screenshots show her surrounded by lights like a real wrestling star, as well as unleashing powerful Electric-Type attacks and raising some of its stats. Her trailer shows her using a variety physical and special moves in unique combinations.

    Type: Electric
    Mega Evolution: No

Machamp – “Machamp is a powerful fighter with unrivaled close-range combat skills.”

Machamp_150One of two Pokémon revealed in the original announcement trailer for Japanese arcades, Machamp is a, well, champ at close-quarters combat. Its screenshots show Machamp powering up its four fists to unleash devastating Fighting-Type attacks, as well as tossing around its opponents, however it’s clear that against ranged fighters, Machamp may suffer.

    Type: Fighting
    Mega Evolution: No

Lucario – “Lucario is an all-around solid fighter with a balance of offense and defense.”

Lucario_150The other half of the two revealed in Japan’s original announcement trailer, Lucario is a rounded out fighter who will no doubt use its mastery of auras to excel in long-range attack, where other Fighting-Types may not. Its screenshots show just that, with Lucario using a variety of both ranged and close-quarters moves, as well as even creating what appears to be a spear made entirely of aura, or energy.

    Type: Fighting/Steel
    Mega Evolution: Yes

Gengar – “Gengar is a phantasmagoric trickster, tough to read and hated by its opponents.”

Gengar_150This spooky specter was announced early on, and is a fighter that looks to lend itself towards special moves. Using its ghostly abilities, it can sink into the ground and hit Pokémon at their feet, as well as float in the air to hit from above. Known for its long tongue and bulky power, Gengar is going to be a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

    Type: Ghost/Poison
    Mega Evolution: Yes

Gardevoir – “Gardevoir toys with opponents from afar with fluid movements.”

Gardevoir_150Gardevoir specializes in attacking from far away, as graceful as ever. While it’s probably not as physically gifted as some of its counterparts, you can guarantee that Gardevoir won’t be fun to battle against if your opponent knows how to play it right. Its screenshots depict it showing off a multitude of Psychic-Type attacks with unbeatable elegance.

    Type: Psychic/Fairy
    Mega Evolution: Yes

Garchomp – “Garchomp is a heavy-hitting Pokémon with moves that close in on its opponents and deal big damage.”

Garchomp_150Judging from Garchomp’s description, it’s most likely going to be on the slower side, with an emphasis on power. Its screenshots show him looking extremely ferocious and intimidating, and we’re sure that that carries over into the gameplay as well.

    Type: Ground/Dragon
    Mega Evolution: Yes

Charizard – “Charizard is like a flame dancing in the air, using its white-hot power to overcome all opposition.”

Charizard_150Charizard looks to be like an extremely powerful opponent, with aerial advantages thanks to its wings. Its screenshots show its use of its flames and Fire-Type attacks for long-range when needed, while its trailer displays a use of closeup claw action as well. Everyone’s favorite lizard is definitely going to be a challenge!

    Type: Fire/Flying / Fire/Dragon
    Mega Evolution: Yes (Mega Charizard X)

Shadow Mewtwo – “Shadow Mewtwo can deliver a series of devastating blows, confusing its opponents into submission.”

ShadowMewtwo_150Not technically available until after completion of the main game (without the use of the amiibo Card), Shadow Mewtwo is bound to be a tough foe. Not your standard Mewtwo and separate from the standard Mewtwo fighter, Shadow Mewtwo seems to have access to attacks and powers that haven’t been seen in any other fighter before. It’s hard to pin down just what it can do!

    Type: Psychic (???) / Psychic/Fighting (???)
    Mega Evolution: Yes (Mega Shadow Mewtwo X)

Chandelure – “Chandelure’s innocent spirit lures its opponents to the underworld. The flames of its long-range attacks can consume anything.”

Chandelure_150Just announced two days ago, Chandelure lacks a gameplay trailer, meaning all we know about it comes from its four screenshots. Using its flames, and based off its high Special Attack stat in the main games, it’s fair to assume it’ll be powerful from afar but not so advantageous in close combat.

    Type: Ghost/Fire
    Mega Evolution: No

Braixen – “Braixen strikes at foes from a distance with fiery distance attacks.”

Braixen_150Also lacking a gameplay trailer, all we can gather from Braixen is that it’ll most likely be a speedy, long distance attacker, but lacking actual firepower (no pun intended) due to it not being fully evolved. Not to say it won’t have its benefits, of course. Could having Fennekin as a Support Pokémon while playing as Braixen provide any sort of advantage not otherwise available?

    Type: Fire
    Mega Evolution: No

Blaziken – “Blaziken is a hot-blooded fighter that rushes into battle with its fists of flame.”

Blaziken_150Having the benefit of being a special and physical fighter, Blaziken will most likely be able to make great use of its Fire/Fighting typing. Its trailer shows it using an interesting combination of Fighting-Type moves that lead into Fire-Type attacks, and its official screenshots show lots of flames consuming its opponents.

    Type: Fire/Fighting
    Mega Evolution: Yes

Mewtwo – “Mewtwo combines cerebral agility with incredible power to dominate any adversary.”

Mewtwo_150Being a legendary Pokémon, Mewtwo is sure to have the edge over some of your other options. That being said, it’s still a special fighter, meaning that up close, it probably won’t have the advantage. Its screenshots show it unleashing powerful Psychic-Type attacks, but with no gameplay trailer, this is a fighter still shrouded in a lot of mystery as well.

    Type: Psychic / Psychic/Fighting
    Mega Evolution: Yes (Mega Mewtwo X)

Pikachu – “Pikachu overwhelms opponents with powerful electric shocks and quick movements.”

Pikachu_150It should come as no surprise that Pokémon’s mascot made an appearance as a playable fighter in this game, and it looks like Pikachu will be staying true to everything else it’s appeared in as well. Extremely quick, Pikachu looks to be strong, but definitely not the strongest when it comes to raw power. In order to play Pikachu properly, players will probably have to make use of its speed to overwhelm its opponents!

    Type: Electric
    Mega Evolution: No

Weavile – “Weavile is a speedy fighter with a small body, sharp claws, and the ability to control ice.”

Weavile_150Looking like possibly one of the quickest fighters in the game, Weavile has the ability to slash through its opponents and make work of its foes before they even have time to attack. Chances are, landing combos are going to be easier for Weavile, however its attack power is most likely going to suffer because of this. Its screenshots display it showing off its ability over ice, and its use of its claws to attack its foes.

    Type: Dark/Ice
    Mega Evolution: No

Sceptile – “Sceptile is a mysterious dark green shadow, the ruler of the jungle, and can control plants.”

Sceptile_150The second of three Hoenn started to be playable in Pokkén Tournament, Sceptile looks like it’ll be quite the hard-hitter. With its ability to throw seeds, hang from vines, and control leaves and other plant matter, as well as using its tail, claws, and legs, Sceptile has the potential to be a well-rounded fighter. Its screenshots even show it making quick work of Charizard, who has the type advantage!

    Type: Grass / Grass/Dragon
    Mega Evolution: Yes

Suicune – “Suicune is a Legendary Pokémon with powerful long-range attacks.”

Suicune_150With its Water-Type background, Suicune has the ability to control water and ice, which will prove both effective against the many Fire-Types of Pokkén, but advantageous against the close ranged fighters. Its gameplay shows it to be powerful and fast, while its screenshots show its beauty and uniqueness of being a quadruped fighter.

    Type: Water
    Mega Evolution: No
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