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With the news of Chandelure being a playable fighter in Pokkén Tournament still fresh in our minds, some more new information regarding the game has been revealed.

Firstly, two new pairs of support Pokémon have been announced. The first pair is said to be Magikarp and Pachirisu – an odd pairing for sure, but interesting nonetheless. The second pair has been revealed to be Croagunk and Sylveon. Take note that both of these pairs of Pokémon play off each other’s weaknesses, with Magikarp being weak to Pachirisu and Sylveon being weak to Croagunk. No word yet on whether or not this is just coincidence, and we also don’t know what abilities these support Pokémon will have or what aid they will offer.

Support Pokémon - Pachirisu_MagikarpSupport Pokémon - Croagunk_Sylveon

A few new modes for the game have also been revealed. The first mode is the standard Single Battle, which is said to have three difficulty levels, most likely Easy, Medium, and Hard. The second game mode was already announced, being the the local multiplayer battle, where one player will use the GamePad and the other will use the Pro Controller. The only drawback with local multiplayer is that it’ll run on 30fps instead of its regular 60fps. The last confirmed mode is the online play, which is confirmed to have rankings and competitions. Also stated is that you can use a LAN cable to connect two Wii U consoles, which is said to improve performance and speed and run the game at 60fps, which is no doubt a sign of competition events to come.

You can also check out some screenshots of Garchomp and Braixen in action below! Unfortunately, no screenshots of Mewtwo have been released just yet (however you can check out his official artwork), and we shouldn’t expect to see anything on Chandelure until January 31st, where its trailer is set to debut at a special fighting competition.

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