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Tons of new Twilight Princess HD news as of late! Reddit has revealed that through France’s Amazon listing of the game, some new information that probably wasn’t meant to be revealed just yet has been released, mainly regarding amiibo use and functionality.

According to the translation, the Legend of Zelda amiibo from the Super Smash Bros. series will have some functionality, though it’s a bit underwhelming. From what we understand, different figures from the Zelda franchise will give you different small benefits in the game, such as refilling your arrows or heart gauge.

The Wolf Link amiibo however, which is still shrouded in mystery, has had a little bit of light shed on it. If you have access to the new Twilight Princess-exclusive figure, you’ll be able to unlock an entirely new dungeon called “The Twilight Cave.” Details about the new dungeon are unknown, but players without the amiibo will not have access to it at all. It’s unclear if there will be any outstanding rewards for clearing this dungeon (a new item?), or if you’ll be able to access it multiple times by scanning the amiibo again, but it’s clear that Nintendo is really trying to improve the functionality of the figures in-game.


Additionally, the Wolf Link amiibo is confirmed to record data from Twilight Princess HD and transfer it over to Zelda U, though it’s unknown what kind of data will be transferable or what benefit it will have to the next game.

The last few details revealed for the game are that Hero Mode will be available from the start, similarly to Wind Waker HD, and will have double damage and most likely no recovery hearts during gameplay. This can be switched back to normal mode at any time. Also like Wind Waker HD, the GamePad will display Link’s inventory at all times, meaning switching items will be much easier.

Not mentioned about the game are the option to use motion controls or gyro aiming, though they are most likely going to be options. Also, a larger starting wallet (just like Wind Waker HD) is most likely going to be featured, though no mention of this is made either. Also not mentioned is the fact that there are less Tears of Light in the Lanayru (and most likely Faron and Eldin) Province for you to collect.


With Twilight Princess just two months away, everybody’s gearing up to return to the Twilight Realm. Stay tuned for any more Twilight Princess HD news that might be leaked, and make sure you reserve your copy!

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