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This week’s issue of Famitsu magazine has given us a pretty good look at the upcoming Twilight Princess HD, with a multitude of screenshots from the game. Unfortunately, the magazine hasn’t actually given us any new information, however, there’s a very interesting change in one of the screenshots that a lot of people may easily miss.


If you’re one of the more hardcore Zelda fans, you’re bound to see it, but if not, it has to do with the Vessel of Light, which holds the Tears of Light needed to progress through the game. In the original Twilight Princess for GameCube and Wii, the Lanayru Province required you to collect 16 of these Tears; in the above screenshot, there are only 12 spots. Much like the Triforce Shard quest that was shortened in Wind Waker HD, it looks like Nintendo is making the collecting of the Tears of Light a little less tedious. Though we can only confirm it for the Lanayru Province right now, it’s safe to assume that this change will also extend to the Faron and Eldin Provinces as well, and while the change is only four Tears for each province, that adds up fast and will likely save a lot of players a lot of time.

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Written by George Comatas

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