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Finally, we’ve got high resolution scans of Famitsu’s four page Twilight Princess HD spread! The magazine doesn’t really offer any new information in regards to the game, however, we do get to see pieces and screencaps from all parts of the game.

The first page shows us a comparison shot from the beginning of the game, giving us a side-by-side look at the original game and the Wii U’s HD version. Also featured on the first page are what look to be like a few new pieces of artwork, of Link, his wolf form, and Midna, among others.


The second page shows us the art of Zelda and Zant, however these look to be the same as the original official artworks depicting them. We see the piece of Midna again, larger here, as well as HD screenshots of all three of these characters.


The third page offers us a plethora of screenshots regarding Link and his various antics. We see him navigating dungeons, as well as learning new skills from the Hero’s Shade, caring for Epona, and talking to Telma and Ilia.


The fourth page shows Link in his wolf form, following scents and fighting Shadow Beasts, as well as a multitude of other things. This page also features the old artwork of Midna riding Wolf Link’s back. Most importantly on this page is the screenshot featuring the Vessel of Light, which holds on 12 Tears of Light instead of the previous 16.


If you take one thing away from this spread, it’s that all of the screenshots look gorgeous. Though it’s hard to tell exactly what the game will look like when we actually get the chance to play it, we can only imagine how pretty it will be if we can already see the differences just from these images.

Stay tuned for information!

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