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Splatoon, Pokémon X & Y and BOXBOY! badges make a reappearance today in the Nintendo Badge Arcade! Snag yourself some badges of those nasty Octarians, Qbby and Pokémon– like Yveltal, Delphox and Greninja– for a limited time.

1-12 (1)


1-12 (2)



1-12 (3)




Today’s practice catcher is based off this:

1-8 (2)

The Badge Arcade’s special theme promotion is still available! Purchase ten plays and you’ll receive a 3DS home screen theme based off the original Super Mario Bros.’s Bowser’s Castle levels. This promotion runs until 2:00 a.m. on January 14th, so be sure to buy at least ten plays by Thursday!

Also, it’s the last day for the Splatoon badges mentioned earlier, as well as a few of the recently released Mario vs. Donkey Kong badges. Grab ‘em while you still have time!

Catch you tomorrow!

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