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UPDATE (1/5): Nintendo of Japan’s website updated its database with official images off all 100 cards in the Series 3 Animal Crossing amiibo series. View them below!

As we eagerly await the North American release of the Series 2 Animal Crossing amiibo cards, Japan’s already had their fill. So much, in fact, that it looks like Nintendo’s official Japanese website has just announced Series 3!


Slated for a release on January 14th in Japan (still no word for North America), the third installment features Mable as its cover character, and has 100 more characters from the franchise, including Rover, Leif, Don Resetti, and some holiday characters such as Turkey Day’s Franklin and Toy Day’s Jingle. Also included in the series is Digby in his raincoat, Isabelle in her kimono, and Tom Nook in a business suit. Super cute!

Seems a little unfair that they’ll be getting their Series 3 before we even get our Series 2, but we’re sure we’ll get an announcement for these guys soon. In the meantime, make sure you’re all caught up with your collection, because the more of these that are released, the harder it’ll be to keep track!


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