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We’re going back to the classics today in the Nintendo Badge Arcade with the original Legend of Zelda and Kirby games. 12 new games (six of each) are here, featuring our old 8-bit friends such as Link, the fairies, Kirby, Dedede, and a whole slew of enemies from both games.

1_2 Badge 1

1_2 Badge 2

1_2 Badge 3

1_2 Badge 4

1_2 Badge 5

1_2 Badge 6

1_2 Badge 7

1_2 Badge 8

1_2 Badge 9

1_2 Badge 10

1_2 Badge 11

1_2 Badge 12

There’s also still time to pick up the Japanese Mario New Year badges, Splatoon badges, WarioWare badges, and 8-bit insect, sushi and bonsai badges.

Today’s the final day to pick up the 8-bit video game badges, as well as the Mario Maker badges.

Finally, if you want to try your hand at the practice catcher today, get ready to work on one of the classic Zelda games.

See you tomorrow!

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Written by George Comatas

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