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Looks like there’s a few options for the Badge Arcade players today, and all of them are fun! Two more, non-amiibo Festival Animal Crossing games have been added today, featuring Isabelle, Digby and Reese. These are only around for today, so make sure to pick them up!

AC Badge 1

AC Badge 2

Three new classic 8-bit Mario games have also been added. One of them even has home screen icon badges!

SMB Badge 1

SMB Badge 2

SMB Badge 3

Lastly, an 8-bit sushi game, a Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker game featuring Link and a multitude of his items, and a game with Cat Mario and Cat Peach badges, have all made an appearance!

Sushi Badge 1

LoZ WW Badge 1

Cat Mario Badge 1

The practice catcher for today is another one of the Tri Force Heroes games, so make sure to stop by there if you’re looking to try for some free plays!

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Written by George Comatas

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