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A bundle is coming with the release of Hyrule Warriors Legends in Japan next month. It contains content we’ve, surprisingly, mostly seen in North America already.

The Hyrule Edition Nintendo 3DS XL, in all its golden glory, will be included in this bundle, paired with the game itself. It also comes with a ticket, which you can use for additional limited content, the first being a costume for Link resembling his look from the official art of the very first Legend of Zelda game.


The second piece of content, and the one North America hasn’t seen, is an exclusive outfit for the new mode, My Fairy. My Fairy is an accompanying mode to Adventure Mode, in which you can befriend fairies and use them to your advantage in battle. Within this mode, you get to take care of and customize your fairy, and the outfit that’s included resembles Link original look as well, though instead of a sword, she carries a flute.


There’s no news yet on whether or not more additional content will be given to the player when they purchase this bundle, or if we’ll see anything similar in North America, but it’s cool to see Nintendo putting emphasis on this new mode of gameplay!

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Written by George Comatas

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