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The Badge Arcade is featuring one of Nintendo’s newer games today: Tri Force Heroes! Seven new machine offerings for the game have been added, featuring Link in his various costumes, as well as some of the official artwork, and the logo.

LoZ TFH Badge 1

LoZ TFH Badge 2

LoZ TFH Badge 3

LoZ TFH Badge 4

LoZ TFH Badge 5

LoZ TFH Badge 6

LoZ TFH Badge 7

LoZ TFH Badge 8

And if that’s not quite your style, six new Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival games were added to the mix yesterday as well. They’re still available today, so go for your favorite villagers if you’re more in the mood for that!

AC-aF Badge 1

AC-aF Badge 2

AC-aF Badge 3

AC-aF Badge 4

AC-aF Badge 5

AC-aF Badge 6

Today’s Practice Catcher is a mock of one of the “Link’s Costumes” games, where he’s wearing costumes such as the Goron Garb, Zora Costume, Tingle Tights and Cacto Clothes. If you want to try for some free plays, this is the place to do it!

See you tomorrow!

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