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Fire Emblem Fates is mere months away, with more info becoming available the closer we get. Today IGN shared a video showing off the My Castle features of the game with a great deal of focus on amiibo functionality. As previously reported all existing Fire Emblem amiibo will be compatible with Fates, with the later additions of Roy and Corrin (somehow) presumably following suit.

The tour of My Castle shows an early look at the expanded version of Fire Emblem Awakening’s barracks. A walk around the area will show multiple characters going about their business, available for conversation or even working as shopkeepers. As you play through battles you will gain “Dragon Fang Points” that allow you to build new structures, such as a smithy, or even decorative statues to personalize the area. This added depth is a natural expansion of the amount of customization present in the series already and looks to add more and more options, such as upgrading your armory, the further into the game you get.


By interacting with a crystal ball located in your castle you can access multiple options, such as Streetpass and of the aforementioned amiibo. According to the video an amiibo can be tapped twice per real time day, with the only catch being a battle must be completed between taps. When first brought into the game it’s clear the characters are true to their established personalities, though with a twist. Each appears to be the Super Smash Bros. “version” of the character, referencing past fights and being applauded as opposed to more Fire Emblem-esque battlefields.


Upon the first two taps you’ll receive gifts from the visiting amiibo characters, such as Lucina providing a choice of accessories. They’ll also have their established voices within the game as well, showing Nintendo’s dedication to truly integrating amiibo to the game experience. Lucina provided a choice between a cute accessory and “something else”, allowing for a bit more personality to shine through with the unknown nature of the gifts.

Once tapped a third time the amiibo characters will be available to challenge in a “Hero Battle” in order to recruit them to your army. The video shows a meeting with the Hero King himself, Marth. Showing himself honorable and undeterred it’ll be a treat to have more English-language interactions with the series’ first Lord. While the battle wasn’t shown it’s sure to be a great way to expand your barracks with some of Fire Emblem’s finest heroes.


Fire Emblem Fates will be releasing in North America on February 19th, 2016 and in Europe later in the year.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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