New Badge Arcade arrivals for 12/23 | Nintendo Wire

We’ve got a real treat in store for you Rhythm Heaven fans in the Badge Arcade today! Seven new games featuring the series adorable and unique characters are available to play. So if you’re looking to add something with a lot of character to your badge collection, this might just be the thing to do it.

Rhythm Heaven Badge 1

Rhythm Heaven Badge 2

Rhythm Heaven Badge 3

Rhythm Heaven Badge 4

Rhythm Heaven Badge 5

Rhythm Heaven Badge 6

Rhythm Heaven Badge 7

Today’s also the final day for the rest of the Kirby badges, as well as the Swap Note badges that are currently available. And if you need a little practice, try your hand at the practice catcher, which today is a mockup of the game featuring the two dogs wearing headphones. Cute!

See you tomorrow!

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  1. Retrodude says:

    Those aren’t polar bears in earmuffs, those are the dog wearing headphones that runs the cafe!

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