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With three other Super Mario Maker costume announcements still hot out of the oven comes another ready for baking. While not officially announced by Nintendo, the data miners are at it again, finding a particularly interesting costume hidden within the game’s code.

If you owned a GameBoy or GameBoy Color, you may remember the game Super Mario Land. It was the first Mario game to introduce Princess Daisy, and was quite unconventional for a Mario game at the time, featuring Sarasaland instead of the Mushroom Kingdom, a main antagonist that wasn’t Bowser, and many enemies that were nothing like the Goombas and Koopas we were familiar with.

On top of all that, Super Mario Land introduced the use of vehicles. While not extremely prominent, Mario did make use of a submarine and airplane, the Marine Pop and Sky Pop respectively, to help him get through some worlds.

However, as you already know, I’m not here to talk about Super Mario Land. Instead, we’re talking about the leaked Super Mario Maker costume, which is related to the GameBoy game. Mario in his Sky Pop, using the same black and white sprite from the original, seems to be the next costume available to players.


While there’s no official release date or way to unlock it just yet, you can check it out by using the ID 4078-0000-0121-4C73, though let us warn you that the stage has been known to crash some people’s games.

Though this is definitely an interesting choice for a costume, what’s even more interesting is Nintendo’s reaction to the leak. The company has been doing damage control like mad, and right now every video with the costume in it has been taken down. It looks like Nintendo is trying to get this to spread as little as possible. You’d think that it wouldn’t make such a fuss about a single costume, but it does raise the question of whether or not there will be more related to it. Could we get a Marine Pop costume as well? Or possibly a whole package of Super Mario Land DLC?

While you wait for the official announcement of the Sky Pop, make sure to keep checking back to sure you’re adding everything you want to your costume collection!

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Written by George Comatas

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