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With the Final Super Smash Bros. video presentation now behind us and having had time to let it all soak in, I still find myself saying one word: Wow. Part of this I’ll attribute to the sense of finality surrounding the half hour, knowing that no matter what was discussed it would be the last we saw of the signature flashes of light followed by flames that signal a new character. I feel the two revealed are great additions to the cast, bringing fresh gameplay possibilities and representation for two fantastic franchises to the fold.

The presentation started on the right foot, revealing a new Nintendo owned character that was seldom mentioned in wish lists or speculation. Corrin, from the upcoming (overseas at least) Fire Emblem Fates, will become the sixth representative for the strategy series. This more than anything else shows the power Smash Bros. holds as a tool for Nintendo to push its games. Because of Director Masahiro Sakurai’s first step, Fire Emblem has gone from nonexistent to tied for the second most representatives of any given series. I’ve loved these games since the Game Boy Advance, and it can all be attributed to Marth and Roy’s presence in Melee. Corrin brings this full circle.


His moveset looks to be wholly unique, taking almost no cues from Marth. With normals involving sprouting wings and aerial spins, Corrin is carving his own niche in the roster. In particular I’m excited to see how the piercing mechanic of his side special will work in practice. The addition of two mixes of the main theme from Fire Emblem Fates to the existing Fire Emblem stages and a couple of trophies to represent both Hoshido and Nohr, Corrin will drum up interest for his game of origin via his Smash appearance and will be releasing in February.

Bayonetta stole the show, taking her place in the roster as the winner of the worldwide Smash Ballot. Her attitude, moveset, and visual flair were all on point with the only restrictions appearing to be on her vocabulary and the amount of skin she shows. Becoming the seventh third party character in the series has not diminished the impact for me, as long as the character is well done and true to form. Bayonetta is all that and more. While I’ll admit she was not my personal pick from the Smash Ballot, the footage shown has me on board with the Umbra witch, her new stage, and that fantastic music.


The new Mii costumes and Cloud were along for the ride as well, and now that I’ve had time with the Final Fantasy hero I’m happy with the way he’s been translated to Smash. The presentation of all that the two versions of Super Smash Bros. have brought together was very humbling, and Sakurai’s sincerity was a fitting end to what has been an incredible journey through the fourth iteration of Nintendo’s greatest celebration’s development.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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