UPDATE (12/17): The newest trailer for Final Fantasy Explorers gives us a closer peek at the jobs available in the new title and how multiplayer looks during gameplay.

Explorers hits shelves on January 26, 2016.

Final Fantasy Explorers, a new multiplayer-focused game, hit 3DS in Japan last December. Today, Square Enix released a trailer announcing that the title will be making its way west on January 26th, 2016.

This new entry in the Final Fantasy multiverse combines core elements of the series with a cooperative, MMORPG-style structure. On your own, or with up to three friends, you’ll use familiar jobs, equipment and skills to work through quests and probably save the world. The trailer highlights a monster taming and training system, cameos by some beloved Final Fantasy heroes, and Eidolon encounters.

Between this, Fire Emblem Fates, Bravely Second and Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam, I probably won’t be turning my 3DS off at all next year. We’ll bring you more coverage of Final Fantasy Explorers when it launches.

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Written by Brittin Shauers

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