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Pokkén Tournament, the new fighting Pokémon game, will be getting a new and dedicated “Pop Fist” controller for the game in Japan.


The new wired and analog stickless controller might look familiar to some. That’s because it was designed to mimic the controller that was used on the arcade cabinet version of the game in Japan. Instead of an analog stick and shoulder buttons, however, the controller will feature a single D-pad and will have no shoulder buttons. The shoulder buttons– ZL and ZR– were relocated to the front of the controller, and were surprisingly placed next to the Start and Select buttons.

The controller will cost roughly $30 USD and, as of now, is set to release in Japan only. For those who choose not to buy the controller, the game will support the Wii U GamePad and Wii U Pro Controller. While there is no official release date for Pokkén Tournament in North America, fans can expect the game to launch sometime in Q2 2016.

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Written by Frank Costagliola

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