Please keep in mind that this article will contain spoilers about upcoming Smash Bros. features and what’s probably going to be in the final Smash Bros. Direct, so if you’d rather wait, stop reading now!

It looks like some Smash Bros. players were too eager to wait for the video presentation today, because after the maintenance update was finished, people went data mining.

Now that we’re positive only people who want to see this are reading, we’ll get to the news. As many predicted, we’re getting a special treat at the end of the presentation today. According to the leaks, it looking like Cloud and his accompanying stage based on Midgar will be available to download and play as soon as the video is over. Additionally, all eight of his alternate costumes were found in the update file and leaked, as well as his victory soundtrack, and what appears to be the victory video for Classic mode. Two songs from his stage were also leaked.

Cloud’s costumes

Cloud’s stage music

Cloud’s victory soundtrack

Cloud’s victory video


People are speculating that this update file does not contain everything that’s meant to be revealed during the video presentation. Cloud’s file is the only character file that appears in the data, and it would be particularly strange if his stage had a total of only two songs. Quite a few fans believe Nintendo did this on purpose, knowing there would be people who would data mine the update and find exactly what we did.

Also included in the update file were two new Square Enix Mii Costumes: Chocobo (like we saw in Cloud’s reveal trailer) and Geno.

SSB: Chocobo & Geno Hats

We’ll keep you updated as more information comes, and stay tuned for the upcoming Smash Bros. presentation later today!

Thanks to NWPlayer123 on Twitter for finding all this info!

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