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As the holiday season continues on, you may be struggling to find gifts for everyone you want to buy for. Especially for gamers, purchasing gifts can get expensive. Luckily for friends or family of Nintendo fans, there are a ton of less expensive Nintendo related items that anyone would be happy to get.

Welcome to the first of 12 installments of Nintendo Inquirer’s 12 Days of Nintendo, a series where we’ll be discussing some easy and fun gifts to get the Nintendo fan in your life!

1. PDP Donkey Kong Barrel Game Card Storage

Today, we’re bringing you two different items, the first being a storage case for your 3DS and DS games. If you’re like me, and your game collection is much larger than what it’ll hold, it’s a great way to store or separate your favorites.


The storage case is made to look like the DK Barrel from the Donkey Kong games, and comes with room for eight games plus styluses. The item itself is adorable and charming, and it’s wonderfully well made, which is a plus. It’s not too large, which means traveling with it (and your favorite games) shouldn’t be a hassle. And at only $9.99, it’s definitely worth considering if you’re looking for something cheap!

Buy the Donkey Kong Barrel on Amazon today!

2. PDP Super Mario Pipe Amiibo Figure Stand

This second item is for your amiibo-loving friends. Do they have one particular favorite that’s pathetically displayed just like all the others? Did they finally manage to import that Gold Mario they’ve been hunting or months? The Warp Pipe amiibo Stand is a great way to display your most prized figure!


Even more fun, the display stand hides the amiibo’s base, making the character appear like it’s coming out directly from Mario’s main mode of travel. And while you might be inclined to put one of the Mario characters up there, you by no means have to. This display is another solid piece from PDP, and it’s also priced at $9.99. This gift’s a nice alternative to the End Level Display, which is a little pricier.

Buy the Warp Pipe Amiibo Stand on Amazon today!

If you order either of these items on Amazon, you can have them arrive before December 25th. And if neither of these caught your eye, stay tuned for more entries in our guide of goodies!

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