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The final Super Smash Bros. Direct is right around the corner, and there’s no doubt it will drop a few bombshells regarding new DLC characters. To help with the hype, the team here at Nintendo Inquirer decided to pool together and write up a list of who we’re personally hoping to see make the cut:



George’s pick: Linkle

I’ll admit, I really struggled coming up with a character to talk about here. Smash Bros. 4 granted all my wishes, and any of the other characters I could hope for are wildly unrealistic (Pichu, Tetra… you get it.) I went over new, different and less represented franchises in my head and couldn’t think of anything decent, and I didn’t want to just throw another Pokémon or Mario character in there. And then it hit me like a bag of bricks. The character I’m most hopeful for is one I didn’t even know I wanted until a month ago: Linkle.

I know: another Zelda character? My answer to that is yes, because I’m hopelessly in love with characters from the Zelda universe. I could probably pick a hundred characters from these games to ask for in Smash, but the reason I say Linkle is because of her novelty. She’s brand new, she’s not out yet in her own game, and while people are going to assume she’d be a Link clone (yeah, she has the Spin Kick), her moves are all primarily range-based, which means I see there being a lot of variation in her play style compared to Link. She’d be a quick little firecracker with the potential to add many fun things to the game. Plus, it’d be nice to see some Hyrule Warriors love after how popular the game was, and while I love Lana, I just don’t think she has the same appeal as Linkle does.

Honestly, with how much love Nintendo is giving the character lately, I really wouldn’t even be surprised by her introduction. Her moves are pretty much already made for her, she’d be another female character for the roster, and she’d be a great way to promote… well, herself, as one of Nintendo’s and Zelda’s newest characters. Plus, I think it’s safe to say that she’s already gained some popularity, so fans would take to her nicely. All in all, though, I think it really depends on if Nintendo feels that Linkle is really worth a sixth Legend of Zelda slot, and with so many other games under-represented in Smash, I’m not sure how likely that is.



Ricky’s pick: Marshal

Gematsu leaks were the premier guesses for new characters in the lead-up to Super Smash Bros. for 3DS. One by one they all came to pass, with Robin and Chrom’s switch being the only speed bump. The only missing link in the final release was a trio from one of Nintendo’s most under-appreciated (overseas at least) series: the Chorus Kids. Hailing from the DS entry, Rhythm Heaven, these guys from the minigame Glee Club took front and center in the game’s marketing. These days, they’re not as recognizable as the very similar looking, more fleshed out character Marshal, who made his debut in Rhythm Heaven Fever on the Wii. I feel his inclusion is more likely considering the reason for the removal of Ice Climbers, but even performing solo Marshal could find a beat and bring something unique to the game.

My vision of Marshal has him sharing qualities with Mr. Game & Watch and Ryu: a charmingly jerky style of movement while pulling elements from the whole series that rewards players who can keep rhythm. His jabs could come from Figure Fighter, with the enthusiastic “One-two!” cry in tact, rewarding the player with more damage based on how they time their presses, much like Ryu’s chained attacks. He’d recover by hitching a ride with a Huebird of Happiness from Flockstep, gathering more height with successive, rhythmic taps of the B button. Even his dodge would have personality, performing a flipper roll à la the adorable seals of Flipper Flop. His Final Smash would be a real crowd pleaser too; transforming into the Ringside Wrestler complete with “Wubba lubba dubba s’at true?” Pardon the pun, but the only way to describe it would be “heavenly.”

The addition of Marshal (or the Chorus Kids) would be a welcome one and it would give his series some much needed love. With only a few trophies, a Smash Run enemy, and a small selection of songs in the games right now, it would also be a great time to add a Rhythm Heaven stage, complete with a broader selection of songs and the charming art and characters of Ko Takeuchi, that takes players on a tour of its lovable and addicting games. Fingers crossed for all of this and some fantastic, deserved remixes of Tsunku’s music.



Brittin’s pick: Inklings

You can call this prediction a cop out if you must, but I hope to see Splatoon’s Inklings join the Smash Bros. roster. Here’s the thing, though: I’m not picking the Inklings because it’s an easy answer and they’re a very likely candidate. They’re actually at the top of my want list, too.

I’ve had my fingers crossed that Nintendo’s colorful new cephalopods would end up in Smash since I first got my hands on Splatoon. Their moveset practically builds itself. Splattershots, rollers, and buckets would make perfect smash attacks, Inkzookas and super jumps are shoo-ins for specials, and perhaps instead of blocking they’d take a dip in some of the fresh paint on the ground. I’m sure they could use it to stage a few sneak attacks, as well. As for their Final Smash, I really don’t even need to say it… but I will. Killer Wails, Inkstrikes, Krakkens, honestly I’m not even trying here.

It’s obvious why Nintendo might use next week’s presentation to unveil Inklings for Smash. They’re colorful, expressive, and would no doubt be a ton of fun. More than that, though, I want to see Nintendo push Splatoon forward in every way it possibly can, and get it on the fast track to become its next great franchise.



Daniel’s pick: King K. Rool

Is there anyone more suited for Smash Bros. than the King of the Kremlings? After making his glorious debut in Donkey Kong Country, Donkey Kong’s breakout title, K. Rool remained DK’s nemesis in nearly every single one of his games in the many years following. While he hasn’t been making appearances as of late (his last role was in 2008’s Mario Super Sluggers), he has inarguably played a huge part in Donkey Kong’s– and Nintendo’s– history. Given that Smash Bros. is largely a celebration of the company’s past, present and future, I feel it’s a krime he has yet to be included in the series’s ever-expanding roster. Not only would King K. Rool bring a new villain to the table (and let’s be real: Smash Bros. is severely lacking in villain representation), but he’d also be a much-needed addition to the under-repped Donkey Kong series.

Those points aside, K. Rool would make a sinisterly unique playable fighter. While being a heavyweight, K. Rool also has a number of moves from his various personas from which to pull inspiration. From King Krusha K. Rool (of Donkey Kong 64 fame), he could pummel opponents with oversized boxing gloves. From Baron K. Roolenstein (Donkey Kong Country 3), he could use a helicopter pack as his Up-B recovery. Finally, of course, from Kaptain K. Rool (Donkey Kong Country II), he could pull out a blunderbuss to blast opponents off the stage.

While many would argue that K. Rool’s chances are dead in the water after his Mii Fighter costume reveal, I’m still hopeful he’s on his way. To ignore such a vital member of the DK cast would be, well… cruel.



Kellen’s pick: The Amazon

From parts unknown, standing at six feet one inch and weighing 230 pounds, he is the reigning VWA Champion, The Amazon! Back in 1986, Nintendo released an NES game called Pro Wrestling. While the game itself hasn’t exactly become an enduring classic, it is remembered fondly by many for its colorful cast of characters, including The Amazon, a creature from the Black Lagoon in wrestling trunks whose special attacks include biting people on the face and stabbing his opponent in the face with a fork.

While even calling him a longshot for Smash Bros. is hopelessly optimistic, he would be an absolute blast to play as. His arsenal of standard attacks could include chops, knees, headbutts, clotheslines and elbow drops, plus more heel-ish tactics like low blows or eye pokes, maybe even a chair shot as a forward smash. For his specials there is, of course, fork stabbing for his neutral, a Ganondorf-esque side special with more head biting, a flying moonsault recovery, and for his down special…perhaps a counter? The perfect Final Smash would be a flashy, cinematic sequence of moves culminating in an over-the-top piledriver.

But as a wrestler, his true strength would lie in grappling. Suplex, DDT, backbreaker, stunner, cutter, powerbomb, Boston crab, figure four…the list is basically endless. I think the best way to pull it off, in fact, would be to give The Amazon a Ryu-style system where he can use different grabs depending on how long the direction is pressed. Or, alternatively, they could give him two sets of throws: one for when he grabs an opponent from the front, and another for when he grabs them from behind. Make him a chain-grappling fighter who can keep his opponents grounded with savage strikes and submission moves, and then send them flying with a big power throw.

We had so many ideas we had to divide this article into two parts! Expect the second half tomorrow, but for now feel free to hop in the comments and talk about your own Super Smash Bros. hopefuls!

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Written by Tom Brown

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