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The G.E.M. Series toy line has been making figures of our favorite animes series for a long time. Notable animes such as Naruto and Digimon have received treatment from the company, and earlier today Pokémon fans got in on some of that love. Pre-orders for Team Rocket figures went up on on this morning and will come in two different bundles.

The first bundle, which includes James and Meowth, will retail for around $40 USD and will come with an adjustable stand for Meowth.


The second bundle, which includes Jessie and her Wobbuffet, will retail for the same price, but will instead include a glossy pink themed Team Rocket stand. The pink stand will display silhouettes of Wobbuffet and the ‘R’ from the Team Rocket logo.


With the number of Pokémon Nendoroid figures released this past year, Pokémon fans have gotten the chance to purchase a wide variety of high quality toys. While the G.E.M. Series figures don’t offer as much flexibility as the Nendoroid ones, they still manage to capture the charm of the characters just as nicely. They sculpts are high quality, and the paint jobs are top notch.

These figures make for the perfect display piece and will for sure be a conversation starter. The two Team Rocket bundles are available for pre-order now, but have two different release dates. The Jessie and Wobbuffet bundle is expected to release mid February 2016, while the James and Meowth bundle are expected to hit stores in late April 2016.

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Written by Frank Costagliola

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