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Shortly after the Game Awards revealed its Game of the Year winner earlier this evening, the outspoken DJ and gamer Deadmau5 took the stage and ended the night with a bright and colorful ten minute long performance.


Beginning with a Super Mario World themed introduction, the track was soon mixed into one of Deadmau5’s most well-known songs; Ghosts N Stuff. Nintendo and EDM fans were treated to a visual performance that included some of Nintendo’s most iconic characters. Both Bowser and Boo made appearances on the big screen, and Deadmau5 even broke out the ghost costume he wore in the Ghosts N Stuff music video.

The Grammy Award winning DJ is well known in the gaming community and even rocks a Legend of Zelda themed tattoo. It was a fitting way to end the show, as Nintendo had an overall strong showing at the Game Awards, taking home the trophies for best multiplayer and best family games for Splatoon and Super Mario Maker respectively.

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Written by Frank Costagliola

Frank is a journalism student at the College of Staten Island and knew he wanted to write and talk about video games since high school. If Frank isn't on campus, he's probably gaming, spending time with his friends, at the gym, or trying to hunt down a rare amiibo out in the wild.