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The Nendoroid craze is still relatively new in popularity, but it’s already taking the world of gaming and anime by storm. Adjustable both in expression and pose, these adorable figures are, at the very least, something to be admired.

Nintendo is not new to this craze, putting out a number of Nendoroid figures, notably its figures of Red from Pokémon and Link from The Legend of Zelda. More recently, we saw a figure of Cynthia, the lovable Pokémon champion from the Sinnoh region (and her Garchomp was included, too!).

Today, Nintendo has put out another figure: N, and his Reshiram. Available on the Pokémon Center website and priced at $49.99, the company’s newest figurine is bursting with energy and adorableness that’s definitely worth checking out.

N comes with one body, two faces, five arms, four hands, four wrists, three legs, Reshiram, a Poké Ball and a stand– for a variety of different ways to display him. The figure is also hand painted, so while it’s a little more on the expensive side, it’s not hard to see that the quality is top notch.

Just from the images alone, it’s clear that every detail of N is captured perfectly and represented in that distinct style, without taking away from N’s personality. Obviously, the artists have taken a lot of time with this figure, and it’s paid off nicely.

Nendoroids are created by the Good Smile Company in Japan, and are not officially affiliated with Nintendo, but there’s no denying their Nintendo products are a delight. And with the holiday season quickly approaching, this might be the perfect gift for any Pokémon fans you know!

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Written by George Comatas

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