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UPDATE: This article has been updated with higher resolution photos of the newly discovered amiibo. Click each thumbnail to view every image in its full resolution.

The amiibo news just keeps rolling out, folks! Hot off the heels of Wolf Link, Lucas, the next series of Animal Crossing figures and cards, and the surprise Shadow Mewtwo card come some unexpected arrivals. Crossing the Pacific will be Famicom R.O.B. as a standalone figure (as far as we can tell at this time). This is a great one for fans of classic Nintendo or anyone who only wanted Robot instead of his Retro Pack buddies Mr. Game & Watch and Duck Hunt. (This information was discovered by PlumpUnicorn on r/amiibo.)


For Animal Crossing fans, these next reveals are especially exciting. Though we have no release date at this time, we’ll be seeing figures of Kapp’n and Rover (one of my personal favorites) along with Timmy and Tommy sharing real estate as a single figure– and a Target exclusive at that. No details on timing for these either, but judging by the mention of the Timmy and Tommy figure being an exclusive, it could be a safe bet that the other new reveals are not. (This information was discovered by PlumpUnicorn on r/amiibo and amiibo.andrew on Instagram.)

Finally, Roy’s revealed himself as well! The Young Lion will be coming to GameStop as an exclusive figure at some point. (This information was discovered by @jprsnsr on Twitter.) This matches nicely with the recent spotting of the upcoming Ryu figure as the two were revealed as Smash combatants on the same day. With this, all Super Smash Bros. amiibo are accounted for with the exception of the recently revealed Cloud. Keep your eyes on Nintendo Inquirer and Amiibo News for updates on these and others as more information comes along, with release dates up as soon as we have them.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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