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Star Fox Zero may have been one of the most highly anticipated games on the Wii U for the past year and a half. Finally, we’ve gotten our trailer. And does it look awesome or what? (Spoiler alert: It does.)

Fortunately, we’re seeing the return of all four members of our favorite team: Falco Lombardi, Peppy Hare, Slippy Toad, and of course, Fox McCloud.

We’ve been told that vehicles in this game are so critical that they can be considered a part of the team. The Arwing makes its return, obviously, with beautiful looking gameplay and what’s described as having “an extremely high level of maneuverability.” Additionally, the Arwing has a new form in that of a bipedal machine, called the Walker form. In this mode, the pilot can move from air to land to take out ground based enemies. I think it’s safe to say we’re all excited to see how this new transformation plays out.

We’re also seeing a return of the Landmaster, a land-based tank with a lot of firepower. We’re shown that the Landmaster has the ability to lock onto three targets at once, and is also joining the transformation bandwagon with its new form, the Gravmaster. A limited aerial machine, the Gravmaster flies through the air (albeit slowly) so that it can take on more enemies.


Lastly, we get the Gyrowing, a helicopter-esque aerial vehicle that’s described as being useful in stealth situations. This means that it’s fairly likely we’re going to be seeing at least a few missions that require the player to be on the sneaky side. The Gyrowing is used to sneak into enemy territories, and when all is clear, drop the helper robot named Direct-i (who looks and sounds adorable.) He’ll help you with other parts of your missions.

The GamePad sees beautiful use here with a cockpit view of your ship. While your TV screen shows the craft you’ll be controlling, the GamePad helps you see it from the pilot’s perspective. Additionally, tilting the GamePad allows you to aim and shoot in a different direction than currently flying.

No details about the plot have been revealed, but just from the gameplay we’ve seen it’s clear that this game’s going to be a hit. And since we’ve all been patiently waiting for a new launch date after it initially got delayed, Nintendo has finally given it to us: April 22, 2016. Mark your calendars!

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