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Xenoblade Chronicles X, the sequel to the Wii’s swan song, is launching in just three weeks, and the most recent Nintendo Direct shed light on a few last-minute details on the game’s release.

Bill Trinen touted the game as blending the best features of both Western and Japanese RPGs and recommended the game to everyone who’s a fan of adventure. Xenoblade Chronicles X will be available both physically and digitally, like all of Nintendo’s latest games. However, this time it comes with a catch.

Alongside the game itself will be four free DLC packs to speed up the game’s load times: a Basic Pack, an Enemy Pack, a Player Pack, and a Skell Pack, which will require a grand total of 10 GB on your hard drive. The packs are not required to play the game, but it’s highly recommended to download at least the Basic Pack. For anyone who opts to download the game, the packs will come pre-installed.

Xenoblade Chronicles X will be released on December 4th, but the game and the packs can be pre-installed starting today.


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Written by Kellen McIntyre