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Despite being a celebration of all-things Zelda, Hyrule Warriors had some glaring omissions back when it first launched for the Wii U in 2014; most notably it was missing any representation from the world of the Wind Waker. Thankfully in the upcoming 3DS port of the title we’ll be seeing some familiar faces from the iconic ocean.

One of these new additions is Tetra, who sets herself apart by wielding a flintlock pistol and cutlass at the same time, fitting for her pirate persona. To show off how she plays, Koei Tecmo has released a Japanese trailer focusing on her moveset:

Fans of Wind Waker will recognize a few cute nods to the original game- it’s good to know Tetra can handle being catapulted better than Link!

Of course the King of Red Lions will also be making an appearance in the game, so hopefully we’ll see more of his boat-based combat sooner rather than later.

Hyrule Warriors Legends has a tentative Early 2016 release date for regions outside of Japan. Will you be picking it up, or would you rather wait and see if the characters and maps get added to the Wii U version as DLC? Let us know in the comments below!

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Written by Tom Brown

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