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UPDATE (11/4): Just a reminder; the Super Mario Maker update goes live at 5:00 p.m. PST today. Read the article below for the full list of updates included!

All of you Super Mario Maker fans are in for a treat! It looks like Nintendo has been listening to all of your suggestions because quite a few of them have made it into this brand new Mario Maker video that showcases five big updates we’ll be getting next Wednesday, November 4th.

We’ve put together a summary of all five updates for you. So check out the list below if you’re interested in seeing what’s in store for our favorite plumber’s hot new game!

Update 1: Shake an Arrow Sign and it becomes a Checkpoint Flag.

So even if you die after you pass the flag, you’ll just start over from that point and not have replay the entire course. You’ll have to clear the course from that flag in order to upload the level for others to play.


Update 2: Place a Fire Flower and drop a Super Mushroom on it. You’ll get a Super Mushroom if you’re Small Mario. And a Fire Flower if you’re Super Mario!


Update 3: Shake a Muncher for a more challenging version of Gnat Attack.


Update 4: Official Mario Maker Courses have been added. This area will feature courses made by Nintendo.


Update 5: Event Courses have also been added. These worldwide courses are for special events.


It’s great to see an already fun and jam-packed game receive such a hefty update. If this game follows in the footsteps of Splatoon’s update history, we may be in for an overwhelmingly good year of Mario Making goodness!

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