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During its recent investors meeting, Nintendo gave us a first glimpse at its new universal account system. It hopes that by making the account easy to create, and incorporating it into both consoles and smart devices, more users will be attracted to Nintendo hardware and IP. There are plenty of things we don’t know yet, but let’s take a look at everything that’s been shared so far about these new services.

Nintendo Account

This is the new account that encompasses all of Nintendo’s new online services, similar to the current Nintendo Network ID.

    Login tied to social networks, Nintendo Network ID

    With an emphasis on ease of use, all popular social networks can be used to log into your Nintendo Account. It can also be accessed using your existing Nintendo Network ID or a newly created name and password.

    Global service spanning platforms, smart devices, PC, and more

    A Nintendo Account isn’t just for Nintendo consoles. It will be a single account that spans consoles, PC and smart devices, which include all of Nintendo’s upcoming mobile games and apps.

    Buy software online for automatic download

    One example of this cross-platform integration is the ability the purchase digital games directly from Nintendo’s website. Game purchases made from your PC or mobile device will be pushed automatically to your console.

    Gifts based on purchases and play

    Based on profile, purchase history and play records on both Nintendo Consoles and smart devices, users will receive personalized messages and gifts. Examples are discounted pricing for a digital purchase on your birthday or information about add-on content for your favorite games.


My Nintendo

This is Nintendo’s new membership program. It’s a replacement to Club Nintendo, Nintendo’s previous loyalty program, and will also act as a bridge between Nintendo consoles, smart devices and real-world attractions.

    Account-level friend list

    My Nintendo members can connect with each other using a single friend list across all connected devices. Friend relationships can only be established upon both members’ consent.

    Cloud saves across console and smart devices

    One of the more practical applications of My Nintendo membership is cloud saves. Though this feature won’t be available until a later date, it will eventually allow for game and character save data to be stored online and automatically migrate between consoles to smart devices.

    New point/reward program for consoles/smart devices

    As the successor to Club Nintendo, My Nintendo will act as Nintendo’s new reward program. Users will earn points by purchasing and playing Nintendo games and apps.

    Redeem for DLC, Nintendo merchandise, discounted games

    My Nintendo points will be redeemable for add-on content for Nintendo games, physical collectibles and merchandise and discounts on digital games purchases.

    Real world benefits

    Nintendo plans to eventually extend the benefits of My Nintendo membership to theme park attractions, movie theaters and shopping centers.

As a future-embracing gamer who buys most games digitally, the thing I’m most curious about is how existing digital libraries will be integrated into these new systems. We should find out the answer to this, and any other questions we might have as we get closer to the services’ formal rollout. Nintendo Account is expected to launch sometime in the near future, with My Nintendo rolling out in March 2016.

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Written by Brittin Shauers

Brittin literally grew up with Link, Mario and Samus. These three characters and their worlds collectively capture everything that he loves about video games.