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UPDATE: Our source provided us with a new image that shows the averages of the stock numbers across the U.S.


Thanks to a trusted source at Target, we now have a better idea of what the amiibo stock numbers for the upcoming Animal Crossing figure releases look like for the retailer.

According to the source, we were able to confirm stock numbers for Tom Nook, K.K. Slider with Reese and Cyrus in the 3-Pack, Mabel, Mewtwo and Lottie. After comparing stock from stores in New York, Los Angeles, Minneapolis and Milwaukee, we were able to determine that Lottie will be receiving more than double (sometimes triple) the stock compared to the other characters. Judging by these numbers, it’s a pretty safe bet at this point to confirm that Lottie will be an exclusive to Target.

We also got our first glance at Mewtwo’s numbers. Smaller stores look like they’ll be receiving around 12, while larger stores are getting 24-28. More information will be provided as we get wind of it!

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