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UPDATE (10/26): Nintendo of Europe has announced on Twitter that Monster Hunter’s Felyne will be coming to towns in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer via SpotPass this next Monday, November 2nd.

After the guest appearances of Isabelle and Mr. Resetti in Monster Hunter 4, it seems Nintendo is returning the favor by announcing a Monster Hunter collaboration with the upcoming Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer.


A Felyne client will appear as part of a special housing request, where the player will have to decorate the Monster Hunter mascot’s room with various pieces of themed furniture, like cooking pits and treasure chests.


Nintendo also announced a similar collaboration with 7-Eleven, featuring a guest character based on the store chain called 7-Go. It’s unclear right now if either of these events will appear in the Western releases of the game.


Are there any other collaborations you’d love to see in Happy Home Designer? Let us know in the comments below!

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Written by Tom Brown

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