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UPDATE: Build-A-Bear has released the first images of the Pikachu plush it will be selling later this month. You can also reserve yours now by visiting the page here. The 15″ Pikachu comes with a Charizard hoodie, Poké Ball hoodie and an exclusive Pokémon card– all for $60! Check out the gallery below to see Pikachu in all of his stuffed glory! 

Build-A-Bear Workshop is a retailer known for bringing specially made fluffy friends to both children and adults all around the world. The unique process of assembling and customizing the stuffed animals in stores has given toy fans a new way to appreciate their plush friends. In recent years, the retailer has brought a number of popular characters to its shelves. Familiar faces like Hello Kitty and Applejack from the My Little Pony series have popped up, drawing fans of the franchises into the stores to create their very own personalized plushies.

The newest character to grace Build-A-Bear shelves is none other than our favorite wide-eyed, electrifying Pikachu. The Pokémon Company recently announced its partnership with the popular stuffed animal retailer, and Pikachu will be the first character from the two companies to make his way to Build-A-Bear stores. Other Pokémon products released alongside Pikachu are a Poké Ball hoodie, a Charizard costume, and a special sound chip that can be put inside Pikachu that will allow him to say his iconic “Pika Pika!” sound bit.



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