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Were you unable to catch the Zelda symphony last night? Or maybe you just want to watch it again because you enjoyed it so much the first time? Here’s your chance! The Late Show with Stephen Colbert has uploaded the video of the symphony’s performance. Enjoy!

Was your town regrettably absent from this year’s world tour of The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses? Good news! Stephen Colbert (of all people) has you covered. The celebrated concert series will be making its late night television debut next Tuesday, October 13th, on the newly commandeered Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Since its re-debut about a month ago, The Late Show has played host to an admiral and surprising assortment of video game culture. Last Friday, Sean Murray of Hello Games gave Colbert the rundown on the Playstation 4’s indie poster child No Man’s Sky. The day prior, the ‘emperor of the internet’, Pewdiepie, made his North American television debut on the show.

Colbert is enthusiastically joining a late night lineup of hosts that seeks to pay tribute, or sometimes lovingly poke fun at, the world of video games. Jimmy Fallon has instated a yearly “video game week” on Late Night, where many industry veterans, including Reggie Fils-Aimé, have appeared. On the other end of the reverence spectrum, Conan O’Brien takes some good-hearted jabs at all of the biggest video game releases in his hilarious Clueless Gamer series.

Symphony of the Goddessess will play the role of musical guest on Colbert’s show, and will feature highlights from the upcoming Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes. Though it may not be quite the same as taking in the full spectacle of The Legend of Zelda’s touring opus, it will no doubt be worth tuning in next week to see Colbert share some of Nintendo’s finest with America.


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Written by Brittin Shauers

Brittin literally grew up with Link, Mario and Samus. These three characters and their worlds collectively capture everything that he loves about video games.