Content Continues Below, lovingly referred to as SplatNet, is an online resource for Splatoon players. The service initially launched (exclusively in Japanese) in early August, providing players web-based access to things like friends lists and stat tracking. As of October 5th, the Splatoonus Tumblr reports, the portal has made the transition to English.


After linking your Nintendo Network ID with SplatNet, you’ll be able to view your Inkling’s equipment and rank, and get a look at the current and upcoming map rotation. The site will also show you when friends are online, and allow you to set “Battle Plans” to coordinate play sessions with them.

While it would be nice to have this functionality at the Wii U system level, it’s certainly nice to see steps being taken to enhance Splatoon’s online experience. A mobile app could be handy, as well.

Note: As of the time of writing, we have been unable to access SplatNet for testing.

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Written by Brittin Shauers

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