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It seems weird to think that it’s already been almost a year since amiibo first took the world by storm and spawned an entire gaming subculture of collecting, customizing and training. As reported in the iDigitalTimes, with the latest sales numbers out, amiibo have sold a whopping total of over seven million figures. And that’s just in the United States alone.

Nintendo’s burgeoning toys-to-life platform has been a source of hair-pulling frustration for gamers trying to track down their favorite characters as scarcity quickly became a major issue right out of the gate, due largely in part to understocked retailers. While inspiring such trends as rarity charts, stock-tracking apps, and tips for how to get some sleep while waiting for the next wave to go on sale (no, seriously), it’s a pleasant surprise to see that amiibo have still managed to be such a huge source of revenue for Nintendo.


This is somewhat of a transitional period for Nintendo, with the company already gearing up for its next console while the Wii U still struggles to make a splash in the sales charts, so it’s encouraging to know that one of its products can easily be considered a runaway success, seeing as it’s generated almost $100 million here in the West. The amiibo train is well and truly running now, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

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Written by Kellen McIntyre