UPDATE: A new trailer for Hyrule Warriors Legends highlights Toon Link and the Wind Waker campaign. Check it out!

The upcoming Hyrule Warriors Legends is expanding its massive roster of characters even further, with Famitsu confirming the playable inclusion of everyone’s favorite cat-eyed wind waker: Toon Link.

He joins fellow Great Sea explorers Tetra and the King of Red Lions in this 3DS port of last year’s Wii U game, which promises to introduce a lot more content based on the Wind Waker, including new stages, music and bosses. There will also be an extended story epilogue featuring some of these new characters, but unfortunately, Famitsu confirms Toon Link won’t appear in these new story segments.

Hyrule Warriors Legends will feature all of the content from the home console version, including all previously released DLC. It has been confirmed that owners of the Wii U game will be able to transfer the new Wind Waker characters over from the 3DS version, but developer Omega Force hasn’t revealed how this will be done, or if they will be available as standalone DLC packs for those who don’t want to buy the game again on the handheld.

Of course, most of the fun with new Hyrule Warriors characters is seeing the ridiculous new moves they can perform. What clever things do you think they’ll do with Toon Link’s moveset? Let us know in the comments below!


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Written by Tom Brown

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