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With the December release of Xenoblade Chronicles X rapidly approaching, Nintendo is finally starting to reveal more about its Western release plans. Not only will U.S. and European fans be able to get their hands on an enticing special edition, but all of the previously downloadable content will be included free of charge when it makes the leap overseas, as revealed in a recent interview with GameInformer.

In total there are four major DLC packs, each featuring new recruitable party members and totally new questlines. Originally these packs sold for 500 yen each, or $4/£2.70, so Western players will be getting a not-too-shabby saving. Japanese fans also had the option to buy smaller quest packs to help gather resources; presumably, this DLC will be included too.

The content of the major character packs is as follows:



Players can recruit HB, a character of the Heavy Striker class who can wield a gatling gun and shield.
HB can use the unique Arts “Atomic Bash” and “Frame Hand.”
The character also pilots the unique “Policeman” Skell.


Boze DLC Pack

Boze’s class is an Astral Striker, meaning he can equip a javelin and sniper rifle.
His unique Arts are the “Bayonet Arts” and “Vortex.”
Boze’s special Skell is named “Yumbo.”


Aksena DLC Pack

Much like Boze, Aksena uses javelins and sniper rifles in battle, but is instead of the Partizan Eagle class.
She can use the unique “Over Specs” and “Voltage Max” arts.
Her Skell is the “Excavator.”


Ierv DLC Pack

Ierv is of the Blast Fencer class, but rather than a Skell his DLC pack comes with a unique weapon: the Delta Pleasure.
The Delta Pleasure is a “multigun” that can transform between a cannon, rifle, and missile launcher, which also swaps out his equipped Arts.
Ierv’s unique Arts are “Spirit Change” and “Powered Gunner.”

So, all in all, players in the West will be getting even more content to explore in what seems to already be a massive game. Luckily we don’t have too long to wait as Xenoblade Chronicles X will launch December 4th in both the U.S. and Europe.

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Written by Tom Brown

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