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With the release of Super Mario Maker for the Wii U, Nintendo has once again given its fans another reason to like and collect amiibo. In what many people are touting as the best implementation of amiibo support to date, Super Mario Maker brings every amiibo into the game and allows level designers to drop in any character as a power-up suit for Mario, changing the way he looks, plays and sounds in the game. During a recent stream of scanning in every amiibo figure into the game, the Mega Man amiibo might have garnered the most grins when he was forced into a bottomless pit to his death, followed by that iconic Mega Man death sound.

Just when you thought that might have been the best use of the Mega Man amiibo, Capcom decided to clarify a bit of old news that most gamers might have already forgotten about. The Mega Man Legacy Collection, which is already out on consoles, will be making its way to the Nintendo 3DS handheld console early next year with amiibo built-in amiibo support. In what is hopefully becoming a trend, amiibo will unlock additional content in the game as opposed to just skins or costume changes.

By using the Mega Man amiibo in the Legacy Collection, ten additional challenges will be unlocked to play in the game. Of course, a New 3DS system or the NFC amiibo reader will required to use the figure, but doing so will add even more content to a jam-packed game collection.


For those who have been bitten by the creation bug recently because of Super Mario Maker, Capcom is also giving the fans a chance to create the challenge levels. There is a full, detailed explanation of how to enter your challenge level creations over at the Capcom-Unity blog posting.

So what’s better? Designing a Mega Man inspired level in Super Mario Maker and using a Mega Man amiibo to change Mario into the Blue Bomber to run through the level with, or creating a Mega Man Challenge to be unlocked in the Legacy Collection by a Mega Man amiibo? Either way, Doctor Light is proud of his robot creation I’m sure.

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Written by Josh Brown

Being able to write about Nintendo is a dream come true for Joshua. While his family will always take precedent, his workaholic mindset and insomnia allow him all the time he needs for his hobbies in the wee hours of the night. He's also the co-host and producer of the Toys For Games 'Cast podcast.