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Thanks to AmazonJosh, we now have solid information regarding exact times that Wave 5 amiibo will be listed on Amazon this Friday, the 11th of September.

Check out the designated times below. And for more details about how you can place orders, head on over to AmazonJosh’s thread on Reddit.

This info is accurate for both and

We’ll be releasing the newest wave one character at a time, on the following schedule this Friday (September 11th):

Ganondorf – 1:00pm PT

Zero Suit Samus – 2:00pm PT

Olimar & Pikmin – 3:00pm PT

30th Anniversary Mario (Classic Color) – 4:00pm PT

But Josh, I don’t live in the Pacific Time Zone!

Here are the times each character goes live across the US. If you live in a different time zone, you can use World Time Buddy to convert each time to your local flavor.


  • 1:00pm PT
  • 2:00pm MT
  • 3:00pm CT
  • 4:00pm ET

Zero Suit Samus

  • 2:00pm PT
  • 3:00pm MT
  • 4:00pm CT
  • 5:00pm ET

Olimar & Pikmin

  • 3:00pm PT
  • 4:00pm MT
  • 5:00pm CT
  • 6:00pm ET

30th Anniversary Mario (Classic Color)

  • 4:00pm PT
  • 5:00pm MT
  • 6:00pm CT
  • 7:00pm ET
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