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September 25th is drawing near, which means that all those shiny new Animal Crossing amiibo cards are within reach! While North America still hasn’t received word about the release of that super handy amiibo Collectors Album that both Europe and Japan will be getting, rest assured, Animal Crossing enthusiasts; you can still keep your collections organized with the help of Nintendo’s new Character Cards site.


Images of all 100 cards from the first series are available for viewing on the very first page in the form of large, colorful graphics. So even if you don’t yet own a card, you can still admire it on the site and see what your collection could aspire to if you’re adamant about eventually obtaining every single card in the series. The page layout is simple in design and straight to the point, which should make utilizing the site for organizing personal collections very easy no matter what age you are.

Information about characters is easily searchable on the site, as you’re given the ability to sort cards by card number, name or birthday. And if you want to perform a quick name/word search, just switch over from the thumbnail view to the list option by clicking the green icon that resides on the upper right side of the page right above the card images.


You can keep track of your own collection and wish list by clicking on images and viewing options to ‘Add to my collection’ and ‘Add to my favorites’. To view your collection in its entirety, you can simply click the ‘My lists’ button at the top of the page whenever you visit the site. Nice and simple!


The overall design and functionality of the site are complementary to the crisp and pretty cards. Using the site is a fun way to gain even more hype for the newest additions to the amiibo family, while keeping your collection well managed.

All in all, it’s nice to see Nintendo putting so much thought into the release of the upcoming amiibo cards. Let the countdown to the release of Happy Home Designer begin!

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Written by Lauren Ganos
Creative Director, Managing Editor

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