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UPDATE: Nintendo of Japan announced yet another New 3DS bundle and cover plate set that’s described as the “New Nintendo 3DS Kisekae plate pack.” The plates in both are donned with the kitty herself and the ever-famous Hello Kitty bows that fans have come to recognize and love over the years.


The bundle and separate plate pack are set for release on November 28th. The bundle is priced at 17,000 yen (approximately $142), and the plate pack can be purchased for 2,000 yen (approximately $16).

From what it sounds like, according to Nintendo’s page, the partnership between Sanrio and Nintendo is strong, so we’ll most likely continue to see more collaborations like this in the future!

“Nintendo and Sanrio, also taking advantage of the two companies of the global brand power and strengths future, we will continue to provide products and services that can be your smile.”

Gamers in North America, myself included, have admired the unique and character-driven cover plates that have been available in Japan and Europe ever since Nintendo first announced the New 3DS. For the most part, the designs on the plates have been geared towards popular Nintendo titles and their characters: Mario, Animal Crossing and Kirby, to name a few. Quite a few basic designs that use patterns for the main focuses, like this Colorful Star Bundle that includes cover plates, have also been options for New 3DS owners.

Nintendo is continuing to open more and more doors for gamers out there by introducing a constant stream of new designs. Most recently, Hello Kitty has made an entrance into the world of cover plates.


The design is colorful and fun, and it appeals to young and old fans of the world’s favorite kitty. It’s nice to see Nintendo branching out into other realms of characters once in a while!

At the moment, these cover plates are only available for purchase through Amazon Germany; however, the site ships to the U.S., so it’s still possible for you to get your hands on this newest piece of Hello Kitty gaming goodness.

Order the Hello Kitty cover plates on Amazon Germany now.

The rest of the world has had the luxury of choosing between buying the New 3DS XL and the standard New 3DS for the past few months, and North America will be able to join in on the party once September 25th comes around. With the release of the Animal Crossing New 3DS Bundle that day, gamers in the region will finally be able to pick up the standard sized system– and grace it with the beautiful cover plates for personalization!

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