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Thanks to the folks at Yacht Club Games, I was able to not only get my hands on the newly announced Shovel Knight amiibo, but I also had the opportunity to speak with the team to get more insight on the company’s shiny new toys-to-life product. Learning more about the excitement that’s led up to Shovel Knight’s release and some of the details behind its planned distribution really gave me hope when it came to the amiibo’s future release.

For the first time in amiibo history, a company other than Nintendo is producing an amiibo, and let me tell you: Yacht Club Games is aiming to do it right! After speaking with Sean Velasco, a YCG representative, I learned that the company is doing everything it possibly can to make sure that amiibo fans can easily locate and buy Shovel Knight when it eventually makes its debut on store shelves. YCG recognizes the struggles collectors have faced finding amiibo in the past and it hopes to remedy the possibility of shortages by taking into account methods of production and distribution that have worked versus the ones that haven’t worked for Nintendo in the past.

As Sean pointed out during my time speaking with him, YCG has an advantage when it comes to producing Shovel Knight. Amiibo directly from Nintendo are normally produced in waves that contain multiple figures, causing attention and time to be drawn towards a larger load of products. In YCG’s case, however, one amiibo is the center focus, which, hopefully, will make it easier to manufacture and place within retailers around the world. The company is continuing to work towards make Shovel Knight as easily accessible as possible for fans.

Learn more about the upcoming Shovel Knight amiibo by watching my interview with Sean below. We talk about Shovel Knight in Smash, amiibo production, and the Shovel Knight amiibo release date.

Many thanks go out to wonderful people at Yacht Club Games, especially Sean Velasco, for giving the Amiibo News team the opportunity to learn more about the amazingness of the Shovel Knight amiibo!

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Written by Jason Ganos

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