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Yacht Club Games is bringing out a new update for the Shovel Knight game that’s available on the Wii U and 3DS. Get ready for Plague of Shadows.

In this free update for the original Shovel Knight game, gamers will play as one of the bosses from the story: Plague Knight. Instead of using a shovel, Plague Knight has to use a mix of potions and other alchemist abilities to traverse the landscape.


Due to his unpleasant nature, many of the townspeople will not have a likable opinion of Plague Knight, causing some issues when attempting to earn those upgrades or progressing through the level. Players will have to try out new ways to continue their quests.

In addition to the main story, a new challenge mode will also be included with the update. In this mode you are presented with different stages filled with various enemies and other challenges to try and conquer. As an added bonus, stages for both Shovel Knight and Plague Knight will be available.

Expect the update later this fall!

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Written by Jason Grier

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