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Fans of Shantae rejoice, as developer WayForward has brought the upcoming Shantae: Half-Genie Hero to PAX Prime. A trailer for the game made an appearance during Nintendo’s Nindies@Night event; unfortunately, the footage appears to be identical to the game’s E3 2015 trailer. Nonetheless, it provides a good look at the title’s graphics and mechanics.

The new Shantae adventure was funded back in October 2013 to the tune of $776,084. Unlike previous games in the series, Half-Genie Hero is being primarily developed with HD consoles in mind, featuring fully rendered 3D backgrounds and fluidly animated 2D character sprites.

The Wii U game has had a turbulent release schedule, with the original goal of an October 2014 release being missed due to additional funding via PayPal and the resulting stretch goals. A new release date has yet to be announced, but we’ll be sure to keep fans posted about any further updates.

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Written by Tom Brown

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