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Puzzle fans who’ve been jonesing for a new fix can rest easy, as Nintendo announced today that Picross 3D 2, a sequel to the 2010 DS game Picross 3D, is coming to the 3DS in Japan.

The latest entry in Nintendo’s long-running series of Picross games retains the classic gameplay of tapping squares on a grid to reveal a hidden image. As the name implies, though, Picross 3D puts a new twist on the formula by bringing everything into the third dimension. Nintendo promises that the new game will include at least 300 puzzles at launch, and if it follows its predecessor’s footsteps, there will be more available to download.

In addition to a brief trailer, Nintendo also released the box art for the game, confirming that some sort of amiibo compatibility will also be included. Exactly what that will be, we don’t yet know, but there are certainly several tantalizing possibilities there. Picross 3D 2 is scheduled for a Japanese release on October 1st, with an international release not yet confirmed. Fingers crossed, though.


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Written by Kellen McIntyre