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Hot on the heels of this month’s gargantuan Splatoon update, data miners have found some intriguing new content that appears to be headed to copies of the game sometime in the future.

Data miner NWPlayer123, having searched through the bowels of the 2.0.0 update, has found evidence of playable Octolings in addition to a few other goodies. The Octolings, a rival race to the game’s star Inklings, are enemies featured in Splatoon’s singleplayer mode that have yet to make an appearance otherwise.

Indication of a new stage has also been found by data miner DrLilRobot. The map, titled “Hammerhead Bridge,” was teased in a Japanese advert released late last month alongside another new stage that appears to take place within an apartment complex.

Lastly, several new weapons have been uncovered. The weapons, along with their sub and special weapons, are listed here:

    • 1. Heavy Splatling Deco – Point Sensor & Kraken

2. Slosher Deco – Splash Wall & Kraken
3. Tri-Slosher – Disruptors & Bubbler
4. Mini Splatling – Suction Bombs & Inkzooka
5. Zink Mini Splatling – Disruptors & Bubbler
6. Tri-Slosher Nouveau – Seekers & Echolocator
7. Hydra Splating – Splat Bombs & Echolocator
8. Custom Hydra Splatling – Sprinkler & Bubbler
9. Octoshot Replica – Suction Bombs & Inkzooka

Time will tell when this new content will see the light of day. So, what do you think? Are you stoked to possibly play as an Octoling, or are you more looking forward to trying out some brand new weapons? Leave a comment below with your thoughts!

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Written by Daniel Dell-Cornejo

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