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With Dragon Quest’s 30th Anniversary rapidly approaching, Square Enix has held a 90 minute long conference in Japan outlining its plans. The most breaking news to come out of the event was the announcement of Dragon Quest XI for both the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation 4.

Square Enix also stated that it’s considering launching the title for the elusive NX system, meaning Dragon Quest XI may be our first look at what Nintendo’s upcoming hardware is capable of.


The PlayStation 4 version of the game seems to be taking cues from Dragon Quest VIII, with a third person camera and an expansive open world. This world will be powered by Unreal Engine 4, which Square-Enix is also using for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III.


The 3DS version is taking an alternate approach, with the most unique feature being the ability to play both 3D and 2D interpretations of the game at the same time, on the top and bottom screens respectively. This version is being co-developed by Toylogic, who helped Nintendo and Sora develop Kid Icarus: Uprising for the 3DS.

Whether Square-Enix will release either version in the west is unclear right now, with the European branch of the company stating:

“We don’t have a concrete plan at the moment. However, we will consider it as we’ve done in the past for other Dragon Quest titles. We don’t have further information to share at the moment.”

Many thanks to Gematsu for the information.

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Written by Tom Brown

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