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The itinerary for next 24 hours is available below. Please note that the hourly blocks are subject to change.



5:00 PM Introduction/Kickoff
6:00 PM Splatoon
7:00 PM Jason & Lauren Pizza Hour
8:00 PM Super Smash Bros.
9:00 PM Splatoon
10:00 PM Mario Kart 8
11:00 PM Winner’s Choice
12:00 AM Retro Hour
1:00 AM Bad Game Retro Hour
2:00 AM Super Mario Bros. Speed Run (Jason)
3:00 AM Super Mario Bros. Speed Run (Jason)
4:00 AM Super Mario Bros. Speed Run (Jason)
5:00 AM TBA
6:00 AM TBA
7:00 AM Winner’s Choice
8:00 AM Winner’s Choice
9:00 AM TBA
10:00 AM Yoshi’s Woolly World
11:00 AM Super Mario Bros. 3 Speed Run (Abdallah)
12:00 PM Play with Fans
1:00 PM eBay Auctions/MK8 Tournament
2:00 PM eBay Auctions/MK8 Tournament
3:00 PM Worldwide Amiibo Tournament
4:00 PM Worldwide Amiibo Tournament
5:00 PM Closing/Thank Yous/Yoshi’s Woolly World
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