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Nintendo of Europe announced that a new Super Mario Maker Wii U system bundle will be released alongside the game’s release on September 11th.

The new hardware bundle will include a black 32GB Wii U system, along with a physical copy of the game, a hardcover artbook, and the classic color 8-bit Mario amiibo.


This system bundle will be the third Super Mario Maker bundle being released, joining the standard and limited edition versions of the game.

Limited Edition Super Mario Maker Pack:

  • Physical copy of the game
  • Hardcover artbook
  • Classic color 8-bit Mario amiibo

Standard Edition Super Mario Maker Pack

  • Physical copy of the game
  • Hardcover artbook

Gamers who are hoping to purchase the eShop edition of the game will receive a digital PDF copy of the artbook. If you wish to have a hardcover edition of the artbook, Nintendo will offer a physical copy of it on the official Nintendo U.K. store on release day.

For amiibo fans out there, you’ll be able to purchase the classic color Mario amiibo separately on September 11th, while the modern color variant Mario amiibo will release on October 23rd in Europe.

Australian fans, the Wii U System bundle will be releasing in your territory as well. Everything will be releasing one day later, meaning the release date of the Super Mario Maker game will be on September 12th. The classic color Mario amiibo will be releasing on October 24th.

North American Nintendo fans, Nintendo has already announced the Super Mario Maker standard and limited edition bundles are coming on September 11th. No word yet on whether the system bundle is coming overseas, or if the classic color Mario amiibo release date is staying the same. Stay tuned for more confirmation details!

Pre-order the Super Mario Maker Bundle on Amazon U.K. today!

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